Yoga at DRUMSTRONG 2016

10th Annual DRUMSTRONG 12-hour drumming Festival May 21st in Misty Meadows Farms, Weddington, NC.

Drumming to BEAT Cancer! 
Raising awareness and funds for cancer organizations globally… through rhythm!

DrumsForCures was created by Scott Swimmer as a natural expression of his family’s desire to be a vibrant part of beating cancer. "Since rhythm is universal we decided that an event centered around the art and fun of hands on drumming would be a great way to bring people together. Our mission is to provide a vehicle for health entities and cancer societies to show communities the resources at hand to assist in directing and easing cancer concerns. Facilitating the ‘introduction’ and advancement of important organizations supporting those dealing with cancer, promoting early detection and working towards cures is our goal, and a cause that is close to my heart.

It’s one of the hardest things imaginable to hear that your child has cancer.

In 2004, our son Mason was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer.

You know what you would do to give your child every opportunity to regain his health; to the depths of sacrificing your own but have no clue what that entails or how to make it manifest.

The abyss of cancer information is riddled with question marks.

Ten months of intense treatments, seven surgeries and countless nerve-racking hours awaiting results later we’re on the other side of diagnosis.

Mason is whole again. He now thrives with a notch in his belt and a hitch in his gait.

My mother, father, brother and I have survived our own personal challenges with cancer as well. My wife, Carola, younger son Tobias and friends are all too familiar with the impact this has on life.

How could we make this ominous environment better or at least easier to deal with for the next family?

Love, supportive understanding, humor and music helped soften some of the more stress-filled periods. During the many phases of this adventure, we met some very impressive people – many who have boldly walked away from their cancer experience and some who haven’t. All have inspired us."

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Join Drumstrong May 21st for a yoga practice to the beat of your heart...all day long! Classes happening every hour!


11am - Ashley Hirsh - Charlotte Yoga
12:30pm - Johnna Smith - Y2 Yoga/OM Yoga
2pm - Chris Bryan - Carolina Sweat
3:30pm - Andrew Gordon & Kellen Williams - Vital Yoga
5pm - Maria Lages - OM Yoga
6:30pm - Sumahan Kahn - Yoga One
8pm - Kris Brooks - Yoga One