Yoga On Tap Recap | Johnna Smith

Passion for Charlotte Yoga

Passion for Charlotte and a passion for helping others sums up last night.  In Tuned Choir touched our hearts! Dozens of teachers shared their gift of assisting while Johnna led class in her unique style. 

Josh Kitchen, JPK Productions, grew up in a family of photographers. "Between my love for photography and my fascination for what makes people tick, it has made for a career that I love more and more each day.  Every day is a different experience and gives me the chance to get to know the wonderful people that the Carolinas have to offer."  

Check out to see Josh's other work that started as a creative outlet and has grown to become his biggest passion. Thank you, Josh Kitchen, for being a part of the YOT team, supporting the Charlotte Yoga Community and sharing your passion with all of us.