Yes, You Should Eat Before A Yoga Sesh!

Helpful Tips to Eating Before Yoga

Eating the right foods at the right times before your yoga practice can greatly affect your mat time. The trick is consuming the correct foods and knowing what works best for you body. If you eat too much or too close to class you’ll be left feeling fatigued or bloated, however, if you don't eat enough, you won't have the stamina to make it through your class. So, what should you eat?

Here are some helpful tips to eating right during the day before your sesh! Have more helpful tips? Please share in our comment section below!

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Through Out the Day:

Regardless of the type of yoga you're doing, head into class fully hydrated. This is essential! Even from the time you wake up in the morning. If it's a calm, therapeutic class, drink normal amounts of water (about 8 ounces per hour) leading up to class, but if you know a really good sweat will be coming, drink a little more (10 to 12 ounces every hour).

Two Hours Prior:

It is recommended to eat at least two hours before practicing, as you'll be twisting and contorting your body, so aim for a small 300-to-400-calorie meal that will be easy to digest. It should be a combo of simple carbs for that energy boost you’ll need, protein to satisfy your hunger and build lean muscle, and healthy fats. Go for Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts, quinoa with vegetables, a protein smoothie or shake, or some nut butter (personal favorite..almond butter!) on whole-wheat or gluten free toast. Make sure to sip it down with water too!

30 Minutes Before:

You should definitely eat something a half-hour before stepping on your mat. If you grab lunch and forget to eat an afternoon snack, there's no way you'll have the energy to get through an hour long class, and hunger pains will no doubt cause unyogi-like crankiness, as well as dizziness and a pounding headache. Grab something small (100 calories or less) that's mostly carbs, like a banana, maybe a few dried apricots, or a fruit and nut bar. Keep sipping that water!

15 Minutes Before:

This is mainly the case for those who like early 6 a.m. classes, where you’re rolling out of bed, slipping into your leggings, grabbing your mat and keys and then head out the door. Remember, it's not the best idea to practice on an empty stomach, but now is not the time to scarf down your usual breakfast either. Reach for something you can enjoy quickly that offers energy such as half a banana, a glass of almond milk, or a couple sips of a fruit smoothie are all good options. And be sure to sip a glass of water with your snack as well.

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