Remember to Refuel After Yoga

Rehydrate, Refuel & Replenish 

Last week we talked about what to eat before your yoga sesh, but just like it is important to eat before, it is also very important to feed your body with the right foods after. You have just put all that time, energy and effort into your yoga sesh, so make sure to refuel and not neglect your body. Below are some suggestions on what to consume, depending on the time of day, after you finish your class!

In General:

It is best to refuel your body 30-60 minutes after completing a class with a nutritious meal. Protein and limited cards are a must in order for your muscles to repair and to prevent from becoming sore.

For a Morning Class:

When you have finished your morning class, first re-hydrate with water. It is recommended to complete your practice without drinking any water, meaning, if you choose to do so your body will need to be replenished afterwards. Adding lemon and cucumber to your water is a great and really delicious option for flavor, and they enhance your body’s ability to detox.  A bowl of oatmeal or quinoa, with almond milk and berries, or eggs with a side of veggies and banana are a great option for a post-practice meal.

quinoa bowl for yogis

For an Afternoon Class:

If you are planning on taking a mid-day class, it is important to eat a light snack before to get you through that 90 minutes class, but afterwards try to consume a balanced lunch afterwards. Something balanced with some protein, some healthy fats and some carbs. One great option is a large salad with black beans or chicken, avocado, and a quinoa. If you are taking a mid-afternoon class, consume a smaller snack afterwards, such as a handful of almonds, or hummus and veggies to hold you over to dinner. This way your body will still have the proper nutrients to recover but you won’t ruin your appetite for dinner.

For an Evening Class:

After your evening class, you will most likely be starving for dinner. The key is to eat a substantial and nutritious meal that will help refuel your body, but won’t leave you feeling bloated and heavy after. Chicken or salmon with vegetables is always a fantastic choice, but if you wanted something a little different try a soup that is packed with veggies, beans, and a whole grain.

What You Should Not Eat

Refined sugar! I am sure that everyone knows that products containing these ingredients are not an ideal snack choice. These kinds of sugar can lead to If you have a sugar craving, try and consume unrefined sugar ingredients that will help repair your muscles. One good example of this (another personal favorite) is a bowl of oatmeal with a drizzle of pure maple syrup or honey, chia or flax seeds (if you have on hand), a handful of blueberries and a couple dashes of cinnamon.

Quick and fun detox water recipe:

½ gallon of spring water
½ of a medium grapefruit (sliced)
½ a cucumber (sliced)
½ each of a sliced lemon and lime
A couple of mint leaves.
Allow the ingredients to sit in the fridge for an hour or so before serving to let the water infuse with all the nutrients and flavors!

Food after yoga