Wanderlust, Ever Wander What It Is?

Charlotte's Wanderlust Festivals

Even though Wanderlust has already taken its first stop in Charlotte and taken it by storm, it is still an awesome event that anyone can follow throughout the world in case you missed it! You can check out all the locations it has been so far, and places it will continue to be held throughout the year at the Wanderlust website. But you might be asking, so what is this concept and how did it begin? Here’s how:

Wanderlust is broken up into two series, the Wanderlust Festival and Wanderlust 108, which was the event held in Charlotte, NC. According to Travel Channel, the idea of Wanderlust was sparked when co-founder Jeff Krasno, became inspired by the yoga community he saw flowing in and out of his wife’s Manhattan studio. Wanting to encompass all the things that he and his wife love, he set out to create a unique event that could combine live music with yoga classes, hiking, organic food, and inspirational speakers, all set in the outdoors.

wanderlust festival

The Difference Between the Two:

The Wanderlust Festival is a multi-day, epic yoga-food-music filled festival that has expanded throughout the United States. The festival is a huge celebration to help all adventure inspired yogis along their journey. (And when I say huge, I mean 8,000 people huge). It has become an experience that wants to provide each guest an escape, allow you new and refreshing resources, and aim’s to leave you inspired with new ideas, a fresh outlook, and greater peace. The Wanderlust Festival focuses on various aspects of the yoga lifestyle and takes each experience to the whole next level. Here are the five main aspects:


Wanderlust brings together world-class yoga and meditation instructors from all over the country. These teachers offer classes for all levels and preferences, and they encourage you to try and explore new ways of practice.


Said as the “heartbeat of Wanderlust festivals,” the music experience that the festival provides ranges from drummers, to acoustic musicians who lead you through mediation, to electric main stage performances, and even DJ’s leading power yoga classes.


Since the Wanderlust festivals are held in some of the most beautiful mountain ranges from Snowshoe, WV to Aspen-Snowmass, CO, each festival allows you to explore the area that you are in. Whether this be on a paddleboard, riding through the trails on a mountain bike, or taking advantage of the sunset hikes, they allow you to take a break from your mat and seek out other adventures.


Know as their “Speakeasy Talks,” the festival invites many inspiring speakers to hold intimate and relaxed lecture series, ranging in a variety of topics from politics to personal empowerment.


Focusing on local and sustainable foods, Wanderlust has local food vendors provide organic and Farm-to-Table ready, food and meals for everyone attending. It is a perfect and healthy way to re-fuel your body after a day of yoga, and it allows you to try out new foods that you may have never tried before!

Wanderlust 108 is a new, one-day series that is taking places all around the world. This event is the worlds only “Mindful Triathlon,” that focuses on bringing the community together, not competition! Each event holds a 5K Run (or walk), a 75-minute long yoga sessions, and their 30-minute guided meditation. There is also the opportunity to eat and check our their Kula Market. This market is full of vendors that offer funky crafts, jewelry makers, yoga gear and a variety of organic foods.