Tricks of The Trade: Tips for Creating a Career in Yoga!

By: Amanda Schultz

Featuring advice from Yoga One’s Executive Manager - Daniel McCall

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”- Howard Thurman

Have you been on Social Media lately?

You really don’t need to answer that. Chances are 90% of you are on some form of it right now while kind of looking at this article.

Nailed it.

Then maybe you have noticed a trend. It seems that my social media is telling me, that not everyone hates their job. In fact, some people actually love their job, work hard and have bad days like the rest of us; but at the end of the day they still love what they do for work.

Daniel McCall, is one of those people.

Daniel is the Executive Manager at Yoga One. He not only has a big hand in the daily operations at both locations but he also teaches a few weekly classes, runs their teacher training program and is Lightyear Leadership Certified.

Like many yoga instructors Daniel started at Yoga One as a front desk coordinator. After about a year, he took the leap and completed the Yoga One teacher training and for two years worked as yoga teacher at Yoga One and other studios in Charlotte.

Now, nearly 11 years later, Daniel has a thriving career in Yoga . I asked Daniel for some tips he could give us all on creating a real career in the yoga industry, that pays actual dollars and not just good karma.

His advice is raw, honest and inspiring.

daniel mccall yoga one

Q&A with Daniel McCall.

What is the first thing a Yoga teacher should do once they have finished their Yoga Training Program?

DM: Quit your job today, or if you truly can’t do that, act as if you quit your job today and that your next paycheck has to come from teaching yoga. You will never be less motivated then you are in that moment. Put all of your hours into your new business. Which may mean learning fast and failing fast.

What should a beginning Yoga Teacher Expect?

DM: If you want to make a living as a new yoga teacher be prepared to put full-time hours into your yoga teaching career. You should be marketing yourself as a business, building your website, and creating a thoughtful, mindful, intentional business. Learn how to market yourself!

What are some traits of a successful yoga teacher?

DM: I think that the most successful yoga teachers, respond to what people want. Be willing to create programs that you are passionate aboutand present them to studios. Expect a lot of no’s but being willing to find a creative way to express what you want and put it out into the world.

How should a teacher prepare for their first teaching audition?

DM: BE COACHABLE. Be able to be yourself in front of a group of people. Be able to accept coaching and then bend in a new direction. The whole point of Yoga is being able to shift, being able to take and navigate change. If you are wanting to work at a studio be prepared to align with the yoga studios vision. Yoga studios are still a business being run by people who do want it to be a different type of business so while it has corporate aspects, it will be different then a corporate job.

What is general advice you would give anyone looking to create a career as a teacher?

DM: Practice what you preach, if you want to teach yoga every day you should be practicing yoga every day. Also, it will be much easier to get a gig at a studio if you are there and a part of their culture than to go cold turkey into a studio.

Just for funsies, what is your favorite yoga pose?

DM: Happy Baby – It’s a really deep stretch, you have to find a way to make it work. I like the more subtle aspects of yoga.

The take away:

Show up, be authentic, be humble and hustle. A big thank you to Daniel for taking the time to give us his tips on creating a career in yoga. For anyone looking to take the leap into teacher training, you can check out Yoga One’s teacher training program by following this link

You can find more daily hustle inspiration from Daniel by following him at @danananda on Instagram. Since you are all inspired to start hustling even harder, we know by Tuesday night you’ll need some TLC. So grab your mat and we will have a beer ready for you at Old Mecklenburg Brewery, Tuesday’s at 6:30. Cheers!