Refocus Your Week with Restorative Yoga

Feeling Stressed? Try Restorative Yoga. 

We’re stressed!

Families, 9-5 jobs, Netflix and our extracurriculars (like Yoga On Tap) don’t leave us much time to just...STOP.

But, intentionally taking time every week to slow down is critical to our emotional, mental, and physical health.

Restorative yoga is a great way to intentionally take time to yourself, to clear and refocus your mind. Think of it as taking a step back from the chaos in your life to literally restore your mind and body.

According to Jillian Pransky (Director of Therapeutic Restorative Teacher Training at Yoga Works) who was featured in -

"If you have chronic fatigue, stress, illness, or immune system imbalances, try adding restorative or gentle yoga poses to your routine, it helps kick in the relaxation response, balancing the nervous system and optimizing energy flow to the organs. This level of relaxation is known to lift immune function, enhance the process of digestion, and set the whole body up for deep healing, growth, and repair. It also helps you release habitual tension, making you more comfortable and at ease in your body."

This is ‘active relaxation’ or ‘gentle yoga’…not nap time.

Use each pose to stretch and challenge your body and mind. Some choose to recite mantras during this time as well.

Generally, restorative yoga classes are 60 minutes, but if you’re practicing on your own, tailor it to your schedule and abilities.

But, do set some time apart!

You’ll notice the huge impact taking time every week for restorative yoga can make in your life.

With the multitude of yoga poses out there make sure you’re choosing the right poses in your restorative yoga practice. Here are some of our favorites! Try them, holding each for an equal amount of time.

Important: be sure to use pillows, blocks, and blankets to support you in your poses. These are what make it restorative yoga, allowing you to hold poses for longer periods of time.

1. Siddhasana – focus here on controlling your breath and reciting your mantra.

2. Supported Child’s Pose – of course Child’s Pose makes the list of restorative yoga poses! It’s the epitome of active relaxation.

3. Supported Belly Down Twist – you’ll be tempted to take nap. Resist the urge! Make sure you get both sides.

4. Supported Reclining Bound Angle Pose – lay back and relax!

5. Leg’s up the Wall Pose – Get that blood flowing towards the heart. You’re almost done!

Happy restoring!