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Soul Seekers Anonymous with NYC's Meg Allen

  • Yoga On Tap 4150 Yancey Road Charlotte, NC 28217 (map)

Meg Allen, owner of JAI Albany yoga Studio in NYC, is leading next Tuesday's Yoga On Tap class.

Meg is known for her empowering Vinyasa style.  Although seen as a physically challenging class, she works with her students to move past the physical practice into other aspects of yoga; breathing, harnessing of the senses, shifting perception, detaching from the busy mind and connecting with your higher power. Meg encourages her students to look deeper into their practice beyond the physical body and mental noise.  While cultivating physical and mental energy, she guides her students into a balanced center in presence.  Meg reminds students of the tools they already have to take their practice off their mats and into the world.

Join Meg for an internal exploration through breath and movement and all the spaces in between. Meg brings intelligent Vinyasa sequencing to the table with an in depth look at… YOU.  Svadyaya, self study is one of the roots (niyamas) of our yoga practice. Often it's easiest in life to continue seeking peace/pleasure/answers externally when in reality it's really time to look inward. Join other soul-seekers like yourself for a in-depth practice through physical postures, connection with breath, and some time for yourself, to quiet down and look within. //