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Explore the Ancient Wisdom of Chakras with Blake Thews as the Leo Moon Rises

  • Yoga On Tap 4150 Yancey Road Charlotte, NC 28217 (map)

Chakras keep us calm, centered, vibrant, energized, connected, balanced, and much more. But like any other part of ourselves, they occasionally need our attention to stay healthy. Good thing you do yoga. Come chatarunga, cheetah, and child's pose your way through an introduction to the chakras. See how the poses you already know can bring your chakras into balance and help keep them there. Blake Thews will guide you through a class designed to help you practice more intentionally with the energy of the chakras and find modern benefits with this ancient wisdom.

Blake began practicing on the mat in 2007 and earned her 200hr RYT certification in 2010 training with Rolf Gates, hosted by Charlotte Yoga. Since then, she’s taught in several studios, fitness centers, and schools around Charlotte, including Y2 Yoga in Cotswold, where she taught for five years. While yoga began for her only nine years ago, she’s studied astrology for decades and found a wonderful compatibility between the practice of yoga, breath work and meditation, the study of chakras, and astrology. With support and encouragement from friends, she expanded her hobby into a business and reads natal and solar return charts for clients. Blake also started her website,, to share information on whatever is happening in the sky right now in her “Current Sky” section.

Blake Thews Yoga On Tap

She believes one of the beautiful things about finding your own path is that you are on it all along. Learning to be in any given moment, ego healthily intact but not taking over, expressing unique creativity, understanding how love and compassion always have a place at the table, and resonating with the flow are lifelong goals. And, remembering the power of breath is step one. As a yoga instructor, Blake finds joy in witnessing the energy of yogis shift during a practice into those places that are real, the levels underneath words and the struggles of the mind. She is grateful for the opportunities she has to participate in those moments.

On February 23rd, Blake will take you through each Chakra as you flow to an incredibly balanced sequence.  After class, Blake will hold a mini-seminar to go into more detail about Chakras and answer your questions!  This is your chance to explore a part of yoga unfamiliar to many of us by one of the most knowledgeable Chakra/Astrology teachers in Charlotte! 

The Track and Field Store Charlotte will be having a trunk show before and after class!

Photo credit: Wanda Koch Photography