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Change Your World and Hone your Vision

  • Yoga On Tap 4150 Yancey Road Charlotte, NC 28217 (map)

Hannah Massey is leading Yoga On Tap February 9th.

Get to know Hannah..."I first rolled out my mat May 2008 when a friend looked at me running around at my job and said, “You need yoga” and without knowing it I did! I tried my first yoga class in years with the hope of a new form of working out but found that the feeling of release and the ease off my mat kept me wanting more. For the first time in YEARS I could breathe again! I left that maddening job (and a maddening boyfriend!), changed my entire career path, and headed down a new road. This road led to many self-discoveries that I would not have come to if my heart and mind had not been open by yoga. I loved teaching my first yoga class and learning so much from my early teachers. 

After taking teacher training from Grace Morales, my world was changed and my vision was honed! I left the 10 months of training with my voice and a new drive and energy to teach my style of class. I love vinyasa, flowing from one posture to another, and creating classes where each posture has a purpose. One pose sets you up for the next, opening that muscle to go deeper in the next sequence. Each of my classes works up to a peak posture, giving my students time to play with that pose and ending class with floor work to prepare for svasana. 

I have sweat on many yoga studio floors across the United States, learning from each and every instructor. Sometimes I learn to push myself, other times I run to my iPhone or notepad and jot down a section of the sequence that I simply MUST steal. I am eternally grateful to all my teachers who have led the way on my yoga journey.

I love my job of teaching yoga to a wide range of students. My class at the Charlotte Athletic Club is one unlike any other on their schedule. Yoga Sculpt is a combination of yoga, weight and body work, followed by deep stretch. We open our minds and decompress from the day with 30 minutes of yoga, then get the heart pumping with weights, plyometrics, barre-inspired moves, and kettlebell-esque for another 30 minutes then wind down with 15 minutes of sinking in before svasana. When the majority of this gym’s membership is getting direction from their personal trainers, this group of dedicated yogis come to this class to not only work their body but also their mind and spirit. Yoga Sculpt is offered Wednesday nights 6:00 – 7:15 pm.

My dedicated group of early morning yogis get me out of my own covers at 5:30 am, rain or shine! This special group of men and women work their bodies to extreme every other morning with5:45 am Boot Camp at the Cornwell Center and come Wednesday mornings for one day to decompress and stretch those muscles. Don’t get me wrong, we work hard, but this Wednesday morning class is taught is a dimly lit room where we flow non-stop. I teach at The Cornwell Center Sunday afternoons at 3:00 pm and Wednesday mornings at 5:45 am."

Hannah Massey