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Take Life's Journey to A Love Story with Johnna Smith

  • Yoga On Tap 4150 Yancey Road Charlotte, NC, 28217 United States (map)

Johnna Smith (500-eryt) is a Level 1 certified parayoga® instructor through founder, yogarupa Rod Stryker. She is also a certified baptiste teacher®. Since 2004 her studies and passion have taken her to India to practice with the late, legendary guru sri. K. Pattabhi jois, and his grandson R. Sharath Jois of Mysore. Currently, Johnna is studying ayurveda, the sister healing science to yoga, with her teacher Dr. Marc Halpern from the California College of Ayurveda.

Johnna teaches locally at y2 yoga, Om Yoga-SC, One-Breath Yoga (formerly known as Swaraj Yoga) and lovely places all over the world, connecting people to the powerful and sweet teachings of tantra, ashtanga and power yoga. “Our divine birthright is joy.” She roots this ancient message within her workshops, master classes and co-lead advanced yoga studies and teacher trainings.

Charlotte Yoga

"I Love Charlotte, I am proud to call it my home. I’ve taught yoga here since 2001, and have seen that yoga has empowered thousands of students who live here to find the inner strength, the peace, the fortitude to create a good life for themselves. We’ve made daily yoga practice as important and as necessary as feeding ourselves. Now finally, we can put the proverbial oxygen mask on another. Who is the other? They are the brothers and sisters we haven’t met yet, they are the children who it takes a village to grow."

"Yogis, what’s next? Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, visit the sick…. About Face Charlotte is the beginning. Through storytelling About Face Charlotte connects life’s journey to a love story. The love, you'll see, happens when people find their humanity again. The journey, you'll see, is that they couldn't do it alone. Someone was on the path with them, walking them back home. To me, this is yoga in action. I’m honored to be a part of Charlotte. The next step in yoga is to take someone’s hand who needs it and walk them back home. Join the love story."

Johnna will share her love for About Face Charlotte, a photographic and storytelling project that connects people to people in our community, elevates compassion and empathy, and encourages ongoing acts of love and altruism. About Face Charlotte wants to make a change of direction, opinion, or way of acting.  

There are many ways to reach out and make a difference. Each one of us has a unique gift to offer. But the first step is to remember.  These stories serve to remind us to keep our hearts open, and that every moment is an opportunity to bring more love and compassion and peace into this world. Visit to learn more.