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Find your Desire, an Open Heart and Open Your Mind with Terrie Reeves

  • Yoga On Tap 4150 Yancey Road Charlotte, NC, 28217 United States (map)

Terrie was fortunate to begin practicing yoga in 1999 thanks to Grace Morales, one of Charlotte’s first yoga pioneers. They practiced Ashtanga in a tiny heated red room in her house while listening to David Swenson on tape. A year later, Grace opened Charlotte Yoga and Terrie started teaching Hot 26 classes for her within the first week.  From that moment on, she knew she had found a new passion…teaching yoga. She has a smashup fitness background including, dance, gymnastics, competitive aerobics, martial arts, running, mountain biking and has taught about every type of organized exercise class possible, to include providing over a decade of personal training. However, she believes nothing holds a candle to yoga because the benefits are abundant.

“My love for yoga continues to grow deeper as my practice evolves. Yoga is teaching me the importance of slowing down, that life is a process, that my best is good enough and that connecting to my breath, my thoughts and my emotions allow me to be more fully present and in doing that I can live a more connected purposeful life.”     

“Yoga is moving meditation to me and I feel grateful every time I get to guide one person or
100+ people through a yoga practice. Yoga is a journey of the mind, body and soul. There is no end…just new possibilities every time you practice.”

Terry Reeves yoga

Teaching style: Balanced, upbeat and tailored to the type of class that she is teaching and the yogi’s that are in class. She is always looking to give the most advanced yogi a place to take a posture deeper while providing modifications so everyone has a safe place to go. She love’s putting together cool music mixes, classes that challenge the body, open the heart and calm mind…and she LOVE’S to assist and encourage.  “I teach from my heart and have an authentic desire to help people achieve their personal best and to live healthier more fulfilled lives.”  

“I am blessed to be a teacher but value the importance of being a student so I respectfully give credit to the many wonderful teachers that have inspired and influenced me over the years. Grace Morales, Johnna Smith, Suzanne Bergen, Tanner Bazemore, Barron Baptiste, Brian Kest, Shiva Rea and (Kancho) Cameron Shayne. I have learned that in order to continue to grow you must have desire, an open heart and an open mind.”   

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Terrie founded Wellness Coalition America (WCA), a health advocacy company over a decade ago and promoted total body wellness on News 14 for over 5 years. She then launched Empower Health America in November 2014 and has developed a total well-being model and brand, Train For Life,®  and extending her yoga teaching to full-day total well-being events entitled, Passion For Life Retreats.    

“I teach at two amazing studios… Y2 Yoga and Charlotte Yoga. We are all so fortunate to be part of this amazing yoga community…Charlotte rocks!“

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