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OMB Yoga On Tap with Amy Morris

  • Yoga On Tap 4150 Yancey Road Charlotte, NC, 28217 United States (map)

We're excited to have Amy Morris back at Yoga On Tap on August 16th from 6:30-7:30pm! 

Get to know Amy... "I began my yoga practice about 10 years ago, after the birth of my twins.  I have 3 children, and at that time, they were all under 3 years old.

A friend suggested it to me as a complement to running for the stretching.  I wonder if she could tell I needed the peace aspect the most but knew I would run from that.  I had tried yoga on and off over the years, but as a runner, I thought it was much too slow for me and the “quieting of the mind” teachers would talk about only made me think of all the other things I should be doing.

Amy Morris Yoga Charlotte

This time, however, I stumbled upon a teacher that made the class physically challenging BEYOND measure.  I kept returning to her class and somehow picked up on the importance the breath, the idea of locking my core and maintaining focus and it became super challenging and gratifying.  The steadying and stillness of the mind has benefited me the most though.  Well, I do really love having hard abs too.  But, now I know that is the practice – to quiet my mind IN THE MIDST of everything else…to come back to breathing when I want to lose it or give up, to find my feet on a solid foundation in the present moment…not behind me or ahead worrying about other things outside of the second I am living in and to be mindful of each of my movements as I go through them.

If it sounds like a lot more than a stretching class, that’s because it is.  The mind/body/spirit connection makes yoga my moving meditation and prayer.  The first 3 Oms we take in class remind me of God’s omnipresence, His omniscience and His omnipotence.  The Namaste reminds me to see the light in others and reflect that back to them.  I feel humbled and grateful every single time I get to hit the mat.

Maya Angelou says one of my favorite quotes, “What you learn, teach. What you get, give.”  My hope is that the staples of the practice manifest through my life off the mat as well.  Namaste and Love!"