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New Years Yoga On Tap with Terrie Reeves

  • Yoga On Tap 4150 Yancey Road Charlotte, NC, 28217 United States (map)
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Terrie has personal trained athletes of all types for over 20 years and believes yoga is one of the most powerful and healing forms of movement. She is Yoga Alliance Certified with over 3,000 teaching hours, is a three time National Aerobics Champion, was invited to the White House to help launch the inaugural National Fitness Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and has produced over 7 National Fitness videos, one with legendary boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard.

She is Founder and President of Empower Health (EHA), a research and education based health advocacy company whose mission is, “To encourage self-study and empower mindful action for the purpose of transforming lives, communities, organizations, and the world.”

Terrie teaches yoga as her “side hustle” but takes the opportunity to teacher seriously. “As teachers we have a responsibility to create a sacred space for self-discovery.” “Yoga is a place for each student to discover, to grow, to get stronger and to heal.” Her journey as a yoga teacher began in 1999, thanks to Grace Morales, one of Charlotte’s first yoga teachers.

She started practicing Ashtanga in a tiny heated room while listening to David Swenson on tape. A year later she started teaching Hot 26 classes for Grace (the original owner) at Charlotte Yoga. From that moment on, she knew she had found a new passion…teaching yoga.

Terrie has a smashup fitness background including, dance, gymnastics, competitive aerobics, martial arts, and has taught about every type of organized exercise class possible, to include providing over two decades of personal training. However, she believes nothing holds a candle to yoga because in her words, the asana (physical practice) helps improve flexibility, strength, balance, posture, body awareness, cardiovascular endurance, and so much more. “Yoga is also a practice of self-discovery which invites you to connect to your thoughts, your breath, the sensations in your body and your emotions” “This deeper connection to self helps people to feel and to heal, to gain greater clarity and it can inspire people to live their life with greater intention.”

Her love for yoga continues to grow deeper as her practice evolves. Terrie says, yoga is teaching me to slow down and to enjoy the journey, that my best is good enough and by connecting to my breath, my thoughts and my emotions, I am more fully present in the moment.” “In doing this, I can live a more connected and intentional life.” “I consider my personal practice moving meditation and it has become part of my daily routine.” “I know how yoga has impacted my life, which is why I feel a great sense of gratitude every time I get to guide one person or hundreds through a yoga practice.”

Teaching style: Balanced, upbeat and tailored to the type of class or person she is teaching. She provides options to advanced yogis to go deeper in their postures while also providing modifications so everyone feels comfortably challenged on their mat. She says, “I love putting together cool music mixes, classes and one-on-one sessions that are designed to challenge the body, open the heart and calm the mind. I teach from my heart and have a sincere desire to help people achieve their personal best on and off the mat.”

Terrie teaches Yoga at Charlotte Yoga, Y2 Yoga, VIBE5 Yoga and Fitness and also provides Yoga Therapy sessions at Charlotte Sports Performance center.

Terrie reflects on her yoga journey and gives credit to all of the yogis who have influenced her along the way. “I am blessed to be a teacher but value the importance of being a student as well, so I respectfully give credit to the many wonderful teachers that have inspired and influenced me over the years. Grace Morales, Johnna Smith, Suzanne Bergen, Tanner Bazemore, Baron Baptiste, Brian Kest, Shiva Rea and (Kancho) Cameron Shayne. “I have learned that in order to  grow you must have desire, an open heart and an open mind.”

Terrie’s company, Empower Heath America provides well-being and empowerment workshops, retreats and training designed for individuals, groups, and companies. Terrie has been passionate about helping people achieve their personal best for over 2 decades and after years of work and research she has created and released on an online Train For Life Assessment tool designed to help people “pause” in order to take inventory of their life in 15 dimensions. Her goal is to encourage people to take a holistic approach in evaluating their lives and to encourage them to reach a state of Ideal Being® by becoming more aware, awake, empowered and transformed. If you are interested in taking the TFL online assessment free of charge contact Terrie at

Terrie was a pioneer in the world of health and well-being and in 2003 she launched her first health advocacy company, Wellness Coalition America (WCA). You may have seen her on TV promoting total body wellness, where she anchored a weekly health segment for years on News 14 called, Train For Life reaching a viewing audience of 2.5 million.

Twitter: @TerrieReeves
Instagram: @TerrieEReeves